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Learn Python from the comfort of your home. 
Learning Python has never been easier.  
Promied's Python Training Module helps you learn the vital aspects of python programming. The course is the right mix of theory and practicals to keep the lessons exciting and enable you to apply them in the right place. 

This course also serves as an essential prerequisite to Web Development using Django, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
Experienced Faculty
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From Comfort of your Home
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Course Content

1. Introduction to Python

1.1 Python Overview
1.2 Pros / Cons of Python
1.3 Python Interpreter and PyDOC
1.4 Environment Setup on Windows
1.7 Python Scripts and IDEs 

2. Basics of Python

2.1 Variables, Literals and Keywords
2.2 Builtin Data Types
2.3 Strings, String Formatting & Builtin Functions
2.4 Operators and Expressions
2.5 Command Line Parameters
2.6 Flow Control
2.7 Iterations
2.8 Infinite Loop

3. Data Structures in Python

3.1 Lists & Tuples
3.2 Dictionaries & Sets
3.3 Indexing and Slicing
3.4 Built-in Functions
3.5 Generator Expression
3.6 Sorting Collections, Dictionaries, and Lists

4. File Handling in Python

4.1 Introduction to File Handling, Modes & Attributes
4.2 Methods for file handling
4.3 Working with CSV Files

5. Functions & Packages in Python

5.1 Creating Functions in Python
5.2 Variable Scope, Returning Value and Alternate Keys
5.3 Iterators and Generators
5.4 Modules, Packages, and import statement
5.5 Lambda function

6. Error and Exception Handling

6.1 Exception and Syntax Errors
6.2 Handling Exception
6.3 Raising Exception
6.4 User-Defined Exception
6.5 Cleanup with finally
6.6 Else with Exceptions

7. Object Oriented Programming in Python

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9. Databases using Python

9.1 Basic Query Language
9.2 CRUD (Create, Update and Delete Operations using Python)
9.3 Python with SQLite 3
9.4 Python with MySQL

10 Important Packages and Modules

10.1 Counter Module | Collections
10.2 OrderedDict Module | Collections
10.3 DefaultDict | Collections
10.4 namedtuple | Collections
10.5 Scrapy | Package for Web Scraping
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