Promied’s Python Training Module helps you learn the vital aspects of python programming. The course is the right mix of theory and practicals to keep the lessons exciting and enable you to apply them in the right place.

This course also serves as an essential prerequisite to Web Development using Django, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

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It's been a wonderful experience to learn from Depesh Sir. He's hands down the best faculty that I've come across in my educational career. He has a way of explaining things which makes it a cakewalk to understand even the most complex of topics. Over time, he has become a mentor for me and my colleagues and I couldn't be more thankful to him.
Saransh Sethi
B.E. Computer Science (NMIMS)​
I found the programming sessions and teaching by Deepesh sir to be very helpful and insightful. It helped me a lot and made the coding courses and programming projects I did in my college a lot easier. Learning competitive coding under Deepesh sir
Anmol Modi
IIT Madras | Visa Inc.​
I did a 2-month extensive course on python with Deepesh sir. The course was perfect, it focused on all the important components of the language. Coming from a business background, the lectures helped me develop a strong base of python, get over my fears of programming & most importantly, as an instructor, sir made sure to answer even the smallest, silliest of my questions. He made the learning very interesting, interactive, challenging, and very practically oriented. We learned a lot of concepts that were even outside the scope of the course & worked on developing various codes. To be honest, he is one of the very few mentors that every student NEEDS. Looking forward to learning other courses with him. ​
Anvi Jain
NMIMS (Bsc.Economics)​
The classes were great, and the instructor was very helpful. Overall, the course helped me realise my passion for coding and I would definitely recommend to all.​
Divyansh Bhutra
NTU Computer Engineering​


Introduction to Computer Programming

1 Introduction to Python
1.1 Python Overview
1.2 Pros / Cons of Python
1.3 Environment Setup
1.4 Python Scripts and IDEs

2. Basics of Python
2.1 Variables, Literals, and Keywords
2.2 Built-in Data Types
2.3 Strings, String Formatting, and Built-in functions
2.4 Operators and Expressions
2.5 Command Line Parameters
2.6 Flow Control and Iterations

3. Data Structures in Python
3.1 Lists and Tuples
3.2 Dictionaries and Sets
3.3 Indexing and Slicing
3.4 Builtin functions
3.5 Generator Expression
3.6 Sorting Collections, Dictionaries, and Lists

4. File Handling in Python
4.1 Introduction to File Handling, Modes, and Attributes
4.2 Methods for file handling
4.3 String IO and SDTIO

5 Functions and Packages in Python
5.1 Creating functions in Python
5.2 Default Values and Named Parameters
5.3 Iterators and Generators
5.4 Modules, Packages, and import statement
5.5 Lambda function

6. Error and Exception Handling
6.1 Exception and Syntax Errors
6.2 Handling Exception
6.3 Raising Exception
6.4 User-defined exception
6.5 Cleanup with finally
6.6 else block with try-catch

7. Object-Oriented Programming in Python
7.1 Classes
7.2 Class Variables and Instance Variables
7.3 Methods
7.4 Constructor and Destructor
7.5 Inheritance

8. Debugging and Testing
8.1 Debugging Python Scripts
8.2 Unit Testing

9. Accessing Database using Python
9.1 Basic Query language
9.2 CRUD
9.3 Python with SQLite and MySQL

10 Important Packages and Modules
10.1 Counter Module | Collections
10.2 OrderedDict Module | Collections
10.3 Default Dict | Collections
10.4 Named Tuple | Collections

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No, We will be covering all the basics in the class. Yes if you have any experience with programming, it will help you understand topics faster. 

Batches start on September 6th, 2021

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